Once you have finished your 10 day Psychosomatic Therapy Experience I hear you ask “What next?”

Some of our leading teachers offer mentorship programs, these are available in various states in Australia, US and Canada.  Please contact Teacher through their website listed below for more details:

Gillian Maddigan of Applied Psychosomatics – Based on the Gold Coast QLDGillian Maddigan1

Price for INTAPT members $150/ month for 12 months 

non members $170/month for 12 months

GO to for more details or to register:

Business Identity Centred Mentoring Program

Live More…Earn More…Be More

Business Identity Centred Mentoring consists of workshops, social networking and mentoring sessions.

Join the 12 month Business Identity Centred Mentoring Program – coaching you through Applied Psychosomatics™ on a personal level.  The program starts in July 2016.  

Carole Friesen of The Lightworkers Institute


Please contact Carole Privately to discuss a mentorship program that suits your requirements.  Carole works with Public speakers and Leaders in many industries.

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