INTAPT Festival Kit

The INTAPT Festival Kit

INTAPT have developed a Festival Kit that can be used at any Mind Body Spirit Festival, Show, Market or the like. The kit was created for our members to use if they wish to set up a stand in their area, to do a talk, face reading or the like.

We have a kit in Australia and Canada that can be booked and posted to you at your expence. The cost to hire the kit is FREE for financial members of INTAPT, however you must replace the consumables after each festival or show.   We do have an agreement and a checklist that must be signed to cover any breakage that may occur.

The kit consists of:

  • a banner for above the stand as seen below,
  • a full length pull up banner that can be used to explain body, hands, feet and emotional anatomy, shows chakras
  • 4 x face reading tablets
  • an appointment booking tablet with wifi that collects names for database
  • Paypal machine for taking credit card payments
  • chair covers
  • business card and brochure holders
  • A whole lot of consumables.

We have designed this kit to fully satisfy a Mind Body Spirit Festival, so it is well stocked. To book the kit for your festival in either Australia or Canada please contact Mel here


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