Practitioner, Personal or Professional Development Training

The Certificate III in Psychosomatic Therapy and the Masters in Psychosomatic Therapy was originally designed to train practitioners in this therapy. Over time we found that many people who were interested in these courses were not necessarily seeking to become practitioners of the therapy. Some were leaders, doctors, psychologist or professionals in other fields who wanted to expand their knowledge and add to their existing work. In addition some people were not practicing any type of therapy. They attended the course for the purpose of seeking self-knowledge and self-development. Due to this we have widened the criteria as to who can attend both these training courses.

You can now sit the initial 10 day Certificate III Psychosomatic Therapy Training for personal and professional development.  Unless your aim is to practice as a therapist you don’t need to complete any logbook hours as a prerequisite to  sit the Masters of Psychosomatic Therapy. Certificate & Professional Development Training Outline


If you wish to become a Certified Practitioner of Psychosomatic Therapy, you must complete:

  • 10 full days training in the Certificate III in Psychosomatic Therapy
  • 2 Clinic Days with a registered teacher of Psychosomatics
  • Reflective learning Questions
  • Complete your Logbook hours
  • Complete a recognition for prior learning form if you did not train directly with Hermann Muller (Founder and Director of The Psychosomatic Therapy College)

If you wish to become a teacher of Psychosomatic Therapy you must complete the above Certificate III Psychosomatic Therapy competencies.  You then must sit a further 11 days Masters in Psychosomatic Therapy.  Complete your logbook, self paced learning allocated and make a statement of Intent.  You are then eligible to sit your 10 day Teachers training.  This usually is a 3 year process.

Certificate & Professional Development Training Outline


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