Professional Development Structure

Psychosomatic Therapy Professional Development Requirements

As part of the reaccreditation process for Certificate III in Psychosomatic Therapy it is now a government requirement that members of the Association undertake Professional Development as part of their ongoing Membership of the International Association of Psychosomatic Therapy (INTAPT).

In accordance with this requirement each member is required to accrue 100 points of Professional Development each year.

Documentation of evidence supporting the participation in Professional Development needs to be kept by each Member and a copy submitted to the Secretary for INTAPT’s records.

At the conclusion of each financial membership year (30th September) you must email the secretary a copy of evidence on how you have accrued your 100 points in Professional Development.

See below a document with a summary of various types of Professional Development and the number of points allocate to each.

What you need to think about:

In order to achieve a broad spectrum of professional development we have broken it down into categories to make it easier. Throughout last year from 1st of October 2016 to 30th of September 2017 how have you achieved professional development in Psychosomatic Therapy.


Please email a summary to of the above with attached evidence.

If you have any questions about your evidence please email Secretary of INTAPT to discuss further.

To download PDF copy please follow the below links:

Professional Development structure for Practitioner and Teacher Membership 2017


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