Registered Teachers

Meet our Teachers

We have teachers in Australia and Canada. Our teachers teach in many places all over the world, so please contact them direct if you would like to put a group together in your country. They offer many courses with the main one being the 10 day Psychosomatic Therapy Course.

From Australia we have:
Bianca Moeschinger – Melbourne VIC
Angelique Christina  – Brisbane QLD
Gillian Maddigan – Gold Coast QLD
Marie Muller – Gold Coast QLD
Linda Thackray – Sydney NSW
Louise Wood – Rokeby TAS
Marie Chandler – Sydney NSW
Nicholas Bestevaar – Brisbane QLD
Rachel Anastasi – Melbourne VIC
Sabina Ivankovic – Sydney NSW
Sean Jago – Melbourne VIC
Vicki Delpero – Tasmania

From Canada we have:
Bernice Blackburn – Winnipeg CA
Carole Friesen – Calgary CA
Cynthia Jones – Winnipeg CA
Elaine Banfield – Manitoba CA
Marlena Elm – Edmonton CA
Monique Dorge – Winnipeg CA
Rosalie Livingston – Winnipeg CA
Lorrel Elian – Delisle SK, CA
Robin Daoust – Saskatoon SK, CA
Erin Ulmer – Calgary CA
Christina Prprick – Saskatchewan SK, CA
Marilyn Oescap – CA
Erin Chaba – Banf CA

To view our trainings and workshops for this year please follow this link…

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